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Counselling Supervision (Professional Support for Guidance Counsellors)


Included below are a number of documents related to the provision of the Counselling Supervision service to members of the IGC.

  1. Memorandum of Understanding
  2. Guidelines for Branch Organisers of Supervision
  3. Considerations for the appointment of Supervisors
  4. Guidelines for Supervisor Contract
  5. Contract Template for Supervision
  6. Evaluation Sheet for Supervision Sessions
  7. Group Supervision Evaluation - Data Analysis Report
  8. Code of Ethics and Practice for Supervisors
  9. Problem Solving Protocol

Branch Supervision Group Organisers 2014/15

To find out who is organising Supervision for members in your Branch go to the Branches section of the website and click on your branch.  You will find the details of the branch supervision organiser along with all the branch officers.