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13 October 2015

PRESS RELEASE – IGC - Budget 2015 (1)

It has been a long campaign. The IGC, DES, ESRI, TUI, ASTI, OECD, Dr Liam Harkin and others all  produced overwhelming evidence on the need for a dedicated guidance counselling service in second level school, colleges of further education and adult education. 

The reinstatement of 300 jobs has been promised in this Budget, half of what was lost in the 2012 Budget.  The IGC welcomes this very positive move forward, a step in the right direction, and we thank Minister Jan O’Sullivan and Minister Damien English for their solid support.  We have worked very closely with them over the past 12 months, along with NAPD, ETBI, JMB, and ACCS and we look forward to the circular that will be issued to all schools and colleges in the coming spring to start the process of restoring the guidance counselling service.  We will continue to work diligently toward a full restoration of the dedicated guidance counselling service, and the protection of the profession, so as to provide guidance counselling to all students in all schools, colleges of further education and adult education, regardless of their socio-economic status.  The IGC believes that it is only when access to a fully-restored dedicated guidance counselling service is established as a basic human right that all students can fulfil their personal, educational and vocational potential. 

Betty Mc Laughlin, President, Institute of Guidance Counsellors

Betty McLaughlin, President
Mai Kerins, Vice President,
Institute of Guidance Counsellors