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12 October 2016

Official IGC Statement, Budget October 2016

Official IGC Statement, Budget October 2016

Betty Mc Laughlin, President of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors (IGC), along with colleagues, parents and students, welcomes the restoration of a ring-fenced guidance and counselling service in second-level schools.

A fit-for-purpose, dedicated guidance and counselling service is at the heart of the education team, and plays an integral role in the academic, career, and personal and social development of all students.

It is the guidance counsellor who supports each individual student to manage their mental health and maximize their ability to learn, explore career and college options, and make informed decisions regarding their post-second level choices so as to complete their future career goals.
The IGC’s 2016 National Audit of Guidance Practice found that the removal of a ring-fenced guidance service  resulted in an overall cut of 27.6% to guidance, and a 53.5% reduction in one-to-one counselling in second-level schools.  
The Institute also welcomes the return of a further 100 guidance posts in September 2017,  which means that 400 of the 600 posts that were cut in Budget 2012 have now been restored.

The restoration of these 400 posts is wonderful news for all in the education sector, and it is heart-warming that this government recognises the personal, educational and vocational needs of all students in schools and colleges of further education.
While the Institute is cognisant of, and does not underestimate the demands on the Exchequer, our prime objective remains the full restoration of the original 600 posts removed, which we know is included in the current Programme for Government.  
Betty Mc Laughlin , President, Institute of Guidance Counsellors,  October 2016
Eddie Mc Grath,   Vice President, IGC