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07 August 2014

IGC Press release re Senator MacSharrys proposed bill in the Seanad

­Press release:

The IGC welcomes the proposed bill being presented in the Seanad this evening by Senator Marc MacSharry relating to the matter of Suicide Prevention.

­The IGC welcomes also, the proposed levy of 7.5% on alcoholic off sales as we believe that any increase in the price of alcohol from these outlets will reduce both the availability and consumption of alcohol by venerable young people.

The IGC further welcomes Senator Marc MacSharrys proposal that the proceeds of such a levy would be used for a wide range of suicide prevention measures including the full restoration of Guidance Counselling services to all students in second level schools and further education plus a new provision of such services to children in primary schools.

The IGC calls on the government to give its support to Senator Marc McSharry as a means of reducing the incidence of suicide and self-harm in our country.


For comment contact;

IGC President Betty McLaughlin
087 1258624