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14 October 2018

Failure to realise potential of guidance counselling in Budget 2019

"This is a very disappointing budget in the context of the Confidence and Supply Arrangement, as the Government has not yet fully restored the guidance counselling posts which were cut during the recession in second level schools, nor have they invested in adult guidance counselling services,” says Beatrice Dooley, President of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors (IGC).

Since the devastating cut of at least 600 guidance counselling posts in second level schools in Budget 2012, 500 posts have to date been restored by previous budgets. It is disconcerting that the remaining posts have not yet been restored, suggesting that the government does not value the personal, educational and career guidance needs of our students.

The IGC is further concerned that Budget 2019 has not yet addressed the ongoing issue of the under funding of adult guidance services in the further education and training sector. Adult guidance counselling and information, is an essential service which complements the Government’s investments in areas such as apprenticeships and traineeships. However, without sufficient investment and resources, adult guidance services remain both overextended and under-utilised.