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06 June 2016

Best Wishes to All Students Sitting State Examinations June 2016

The Institute of Guidance Counsellors is sending its very best wishes to all students who are beginning the State examinations today.  

The President, Betty Mc Laughlin, said, “This is a very stressful time for both our students and their parents, as the Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate examinations finally begin.  I want to wish all students every success in the examinations.  The day has finally arrived.  You have done your best, and all the long hours and hard work that you have put in over the past months and years will finally pay off.  You have the opportunity now to maximise all that work and perform to your best.  Go n-éirí an bóthar libh.  

In addition, I wish to acknowledge the support and encouragement students are receiving from their parents, families and, not forgetting of course, their Guidance Counsellors and teachers.  This is often a difficult and stressful time for those students taking part, and family and support networks deserve a special word of thanks for keeping students calm and focused at this time.

It is also worth bearing in mind that while the State Examinations are an important milestone in a young person’s life; they are not the only one.   Examinations and results neither define nor detract from the wonderful young people they are, and the great citizens they will become.  There are vast arrays of opportunities ahead through their lifetime for the acquisition of further education and training and the development of new skills.   

Once again, believe in yourself, have confidence and remember “Success is not final, Failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts” - Winston Churchill

Le gach dea-ghuí,  

Betty Mc Laughlin,  
National President,
Institute of Guidance Counsellors.